Lent 2022

Choose Your Own Lent-venture Guide

We want to help you and your family find ways that you can build in some meaningful and sustainable rhythms to your home devotion practice. Inside you'll find ideas and prompts designed designed to help you find what works for you and your family in this season of life. And by family - we mean everyone. We've included pieces that can be used by individuals or groups, as well as those with young kids through adults. We hope this blesses you, throughout Lent, and all year long!

Introduction & Preparing for Lent

Ash Wednesday

Week 1 | Sin Enters the Story

Week 2 | Washed Clean

Week 3 | Desert

Week 4 | Running Hug

Wanting to add music to your Lenten Devotions? We've curated this playlist on Spotify to bless your devotion time this season.

 Songs and Hymns will be added that connect with the devotional readings each week. 


Past Lenten Resources

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