Miracles are odd things. I've always thought this. How does healing work? In the west, we have diseases - we rely on observable data (symptoms, blood work, etc), cost/benefit analysis of treatment (and the ability to pay for it), and believe that if we apply the same or similar treatment to the same or similar disease, our chances of beating that disease are somewhere between 1% and 100%.

Which is why Jesus healing people - healing a man who is deaf and mute (Mark 7:31-37) is not just one of those odd miracles, but maybe the oddest (right there with the blind man for whom Jesus spits in the dirt, makes some mud, and puts it on his eyes). Why? Jesus does the thing with the ears and the spit and the Ephphatha! and the man is healed. It leads to this set of questions: Did Jesus have to? Could He have done something else? Why do others get healed with a touch, but this for this guy? 

Why not me? Why didn't I get healing? Why didn't _______ get healing? Why did _______ get healing? Why is God so odd?