We remain committed to mission of connecting people to Jesus and each other through worship, learning, and service;  we're just getting a little more creative about how we do that. This page will be updated with resources, links, and ideas for how we can stay connected, and focus on the Hope that is ours in Jesus.

In Peace, Pastor Thompson, Megan Hoffman, DCE, Parish Planning Council, and our Board of Lay Ministry.


Adults: Daily Devotions; free resources from CPH for at home study

Youth - (Resources to come)

Kid & Family Resources: Lenten Children's Message series on the Spiritual Disciplines; resources from CPH for at home Study 


Sew Masks: Many of our Metro hospitals are putting out a call for mask donations, both the N95 commercial masks, and hand sewn masks. Visit this site for information about how to donate, and mask patterns.

Grocery Buddies: Some of our members are unable to go out due to being at high risk. We're looking for volunteers who would be able to make grocery & pharmacy runs for these brothers and sisters. If you're able to help, or if you need assistance please contact Pastor Thompson.


Connect with our Staff (We'd love to hear from you): Pastor Thompson, DCE Megan Hoffman

SSLC Facebook Page

SSLC Family Ministry Facebook Group



Prayer Partners: One way we can connect with one another during this time is to be in prayer for and with one another. Click here for more information about how to be connected with another member!

SSLC Prayer Chain: If you'd like to join our prayer chain and receive community prayer requests, or if you have prayers you'd like to submit please email our Prayer Chain email.