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St. Stephanus Connections is a monthly newsletter to celebrate and communicate what is happening within our church community. It is produced jointly by your Evangelism, Stewardship, and Parish Life Committees

Listening Challenge for June

Evangelism does not mean telling someone what to think about God.  The words mean “good news.”  Having faith in Jesus is more than knowledge, it is living in his kingdom with Him, both today and in eternity.  That daily living experience is good news!  Although inviting someone to church can be a good thing, it is not having a conversation or hearing another person’s thoughts.  

What if this month you asked someone you already know if they attend worship somewhere and why they go or why they do not go?  DO NOT approach the conversion in a posture of wanting to win an argument.  Be a listener.  Ask questions to understand their point of view.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to speak to you.  Ask God to reveal how He wants you to love this person.  Keep this person in your prayers.  Pray for this person throughout the week. 

The love of our neighbor in all its fullness simply means being able to say to him, “What are your going through.” ~ Simone Weil

St. Stephanus Celebrates



For many at St. Stephanus one of our favorite practices is when the entire congregation is invited to join the family at the baptismal font. In May we welcomed Bryson Otto Koran into the Lord’s family and our St. Stephanus community.

Our Graduating Seniors

In the words of the Psalmist, we have a definition of history, whether that of the church at large or only of a single congregation within the church.  Its purpose is ‘to show the generations to come’ the guidance of the gracious God in heaven.  History, properly speaking is to memorialize, not the accomplishments of men, but the deeds of God through men.”

Soli Deo Gloria

(Taken from the 1925 Dedication Service Book celebrating our 35th anniversary.)

St. Stephanus Serves

Food Distribution Update

Food Distribution: 

One of the questions we often get is about the funding and cost of Food Distribution - not in a critical way, just general curiosity. So for those of you wondering about some of the behind the scenes data this update is for you! 

January - May Costs

Total Cost: $485.25 for 36349 pounds of food given to 667 households, plus $200 in delivery fees! That comes out to about $1.03/household for food and delivery. We are so grateful for the grants and donations to our food ministry program, and second harvest that allow us to purchase and supply food such at a minimal costs to us! 

Want to be part of our Food Ministry? Watch for a special email early June with updates for our Summer needs and opportunities for service and support! 

Clean Up Day

On Saturday, May 20th volunteers showed up to clean in the church and the parsonage. These volunteers provided over 75 hours of labor. A pizza lunch was provided after a morning of heavy duty cleaning. Parish Life life is looking at repeating this opportunity throughout the year. Thank you to all who gave so generously of your time. We are especially grateful to the members of the Eritrean Congregation who saw the notice in the lobby and joined us.

Summer Blood Drive - July 28th

Our St. Stephanus blood drives have been remarkably successful, exceeding all expectations. Join us on July 28th for our next drive. You can use the link below to schedule your appointment.

Click here to schedule donation appointment

St. Stephanus Connects

Summer Picnics Return

Storytime in Simon’s Garden

Do you have a story you love? Something you're passionate about and want to share? We'd love to have you join us one week! Contact Megan Hoffman at youth@saintstephanus.org to sign-up for a week! 

St. Stephanus Is Global

St. Stephanus Adapts and Changes

New Leadership for Parish Life Committee

In June Tarrie Culbert and Lynne Billing will be assuming the leadership role of the Parish Life Committee. We are grateful to Emmy Treichel who has led Parish Life this past year. Emmy has developed a vigorous and energetic committee.  Under her  leadership many new activities and events have been introduced or revitalized. Thank you Emmy. And, thank you Tarrie and Lynne for taking on this new responsibility. We look forward to working with you.

A note from Emmy:

Thank you for a tremendously rewarding year as chair of  the Parish Life Committee, Tarrie and Lynne  have been great supporters and  volunteers on the committee this year, and have awesome plans for the coming year.  Please continue to support them and participate in as many activities as you can. When I volunteered for this position I had no idea what, how, or when to do it.   Because so many graciously hopped on board and participated with me I  had a delightful term of office.  With a very grateful heart, thank you,     ~  Emmy

Congregational Survey

Count Me IN is a year long meditation on giving as a response to gratitude.

I’m INfluential

Really, I've never considered myself to be influential, at least not in the sense of having great influence or power over others. If I had a blog I doubt that anyone would read it. Most people probably feel the same way. One definition of influence is the effect a persons behavior or beliefs has on others. that makes all of us far more influential than we realize. How we live our lives is incredibly influential in how people view us as Christians. As the saying goes actions speak louder than words. Telling someone God loves them means nothing unless we show that we also love them. Telling them that God will give them strength in difficult times is empty words if we don't offer them our support. We are God's instruments on earth so by truly loving, listening, caring and supporting we will be more influential than we can imagine. We can all say I’m INfluential!

Mark Your Calendars!

Looking Ahead

June 3  - Training for Shut-in Visitation.

June 11 - Senior Sunday

June 21 - Summer Picnic @ Como 5:30-7:00

July 26 - Summer Picnic @ Lake Josephine 5:30-7:00

July 28 - Blood drive

August 23 - Summer Picnic @ Ryan Park 5:30-7:00

Please note that everyone is invited to participate in our celebrations, opportunities for service, and congregational activities

Do you have something you would like to see in The St. St. Stephanus Connections? Please contact Lynne Heuton or Megan Hoffman by the 28th of the month to have it appear in the following month’s newsletter. We are particularly interested in photos that document our celebrations.

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