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St. Stephanus Connections is a monthly newsletter to celebrate and communicate what is happening within our church community. It is produced jointly by your Evangelism, Stewardship, and Parish Life Committees

Journey With Jesus This Lent

Learn a Bible Verse and pray it each morning. End your day with a gratitude list thanking God. Read through a book of the Bible during Lent. Whatever you choose, try to do something daily or weekly and reflect with God afterwards. Although your initial motivation may be to “do” something, most of us will be surprised at what God gives us in this practice. When we journey with Jesus, he has something to tell us and grace to give us. After Lent, I further encourage you to share with another what you received during this journey. These conversations are a way to share the Good News of how God is at work in your life.

Food Distribution Update

This month our food distribution was able to give out two bags of produce, a bag of cold/frozen items, a bag of potatoes, carton of eggs, gallon of milk, and a box of shelf stable foods to 97 households. We were blessed with 11 volunteers on Tuesday in addition to 10 others who stayed after the voters meeting on the 19th to pack 100 boxes with our shelf stable foods in preparation for the distribution on the 28th. Our next distribution will be on March 28th, in April we’ll move to the 3rd Thursday of the month for our Spring and Summer distributions. You can sign-up to join us using the link below (in the yellow box)!

Click here for Food Distribution Volunteer Sign-up

2022 Missions Offerings from St. Stephanus

St. Stephanus supports missions near and far

In 2022 St. Stephanus was able to provide over $5,000 to local and world wide missions! $2,500 was given through our annual budget. $2,616 was the result of offerings designated for missions or thank offerings. Recipients and amounts were decided jointly by the Evangelism chair and the PPC.

$500 Missionary: Iantha Scheiwe, Hong Kong.

$500 Camp Omega

$300 Jonathan House (Ministry to Asylum Seekers)

$200 LCMS National Office Missions

$200 MN South District LCMS

$500 Missionaries: Tim and Diane Esala, Cambodia

$300 Union Gospel Mission (Ministry to Homeless)

$435 Missionaries: Vance & Linda Becker in Kenya

$823 Purchased household goods for Arrive Ministries (Ministry to Refugees)

$270 Mantango Education Project: Theological Books for Seminary in Kenya

$340 Jonathan House (Ministry to Assylum Seekers)

$748 Gift Cards for Jonathan House residents to purchase winter clothes

In addition $963 was raised through bake sales for the following causes:

$409 International Justice Mission: Fight against Human Trafficking

$554 Education Center in rural Ethiopia for children with disabilities

A total of $6,079 that was given away for missions from St. Stephanus in 2022! This does not include any sharing or caring funds, money towards our Christian schools, nor does it give credit to the individuals and small groups within St. Stephanus that give generously towards others. We truly are members of a generous and caring community.

Other ways our congregation gave in 2022 included: hosted 2 blood drives for the Red Cross, had 4 neighborhood food distributions, sponsored 5 collection drives, and participated in a neighborhood trunk or treat.

PPC has suggested a committee be formed to discuss, research and make recommendations regarding a new future direction. Would you be willing to serve on this committee? If you are unable to commit to serving on the committee do you suggestions or ideas you would like to share. Please contact Sheila Schlechte. Your input important to us.


I’m INquiring

What’s the old expression; INquiring minds want to know. A church community needs INquiring people, people who are interested in what is happening and willing to learn new things. If you are reading this you are INquiring. INquiring members get involved. The more members that are involved the more ideas can be generated. INquiring members make all of our tasks easier and more successful. INquiring members ask questions which leads to better communication. All of this leads to a more successful church able to better serve its members, the community, and the mission of the Church. Good stewardship includes being INquiring; looking for opportunities and asking how you can become involved. Once involved, you can contribute to solutions to the many challenges currently facing us. There is a lot that happens between Sunday services with many opportunities to become engaged. INquiring minds are curious. Curious about what is happening and how they can contribute. Be INquiring!

Parish Life Announcements!


We hope you have noticed that there is a lot happening in the church lobby. The most recent addition is a game and puzzle lending table. Check it out. Feel free to borrow something your family might enjoy and consider sharing something that you no longer use.

Opportunities to Help

Mark Your Calendars!

Service, Potluck, & Games!

Sunday March 5 10:45 - 2pm

Join us for a morning & afternoon of fellowship, service, and inter-generational fun! We’ll be doing various service projects during the normal bible study/Sunday School time then we’ll have a potluck lunch and break out the board games and puzzles.

We hope you’ll join us!


April 2nd, Palm Sunday - Brunch after service followed by caroling

April 6th - Red Cross Blood Drive 12-6pm!

April 30th - Joint Worship with our Eritrean congregation following by a dinner.

Do you have something you would like to see us recognize in The St. St. Stephanus Connections? Please contact Lynne Heuton or Megan Hoffman by the 28th of the month to have it appear in the following month’s newsletter. We are particularly interested in photos that document our celebrations.

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