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St. Stephanus Supported Missionaries


Paul and Kristin are serving as bible translators with Wycliffe.  Paul describes their ministry and life in Pointe Noire: "We have been in Congo for at least part of every year since 2002 (except during 2005 when Paul finished his Masters).  In 2008 we purchased a small house in a neighborhood of the port-city of Pointe Noire. After a phase of initial work with the Kituba New Testament project, I (Paul) began working with a group of lay translators.  My purpose has been to assist their community to develop the written language to the point of publishing drafts of two gospels.  We are currently working on Acts and have portions in over twenty other books in the Bible on the road to being printed.  Besides the Civili team, I am assigned to work with another language team on portions of Genesis and Exodus.  While Kristin manages the children’s education, our end goal is a completed New Testament in Civili in addition to liturgical portions of the Old Testament.  I anticipate helping three to four other languages progress in the production of bible portions in both written and recorded forms.  I will also continue training as a translation consultant in Africa. The mission we work with in Congo is SIL-International.  We plan to return there for another two years starting July 15, 2015."

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