Kid & Family Ministry

Sunday School // Ages 2 - 5th grade

Our Sunday School kids meet all together on Sunday mornings for about 30 minutes Our group is a mix of ages ranging from 2 year olds up through 5th grade - with the majority of students being in the pre-K to 3rd grade range. Our time together often includes games, story, and craft. We'd love to have you join us in learning about God's love for us and how we get to share that love in this world!

Kids' Library

Storytelling is one of our oldest traditions as humans. We tell stories about family history (tell me again how Grandma and Grandpa met), regional lore (I'm looking at you Paul Bunyan), and our fairytales are full of moral lessons. Scripture is no different - Jesus often used parables to teach His followers about how God's Kingdom was different - about how to love, and live in this world as children of God. Today our bookshelves are full of modern parables that do the same - and we want to share them with you! Parents & Kids are invited to check out books from our Kids' Library located outside the Sanctuary. This library is full of storybooks, family devotions, children's bibles, as well as some resources for parents! 

Worship Activity Bags

We love having you and your family join us in worship. We know that sometimes an hour long service can be hard for littles to be part of though (if we're being honest, it can be hard for adults too). We've created a Worship Activity Bag station that lets your child pick and choose what they want to do this week. Each week kids have an option to pick 1 activity from three different categories: Play, Fidget, and Worship. These activities cycle in and out throughout the month so there's always a fresh option. Our hope is that these activities will help kids feel welcome in worship, engage them in worship, and allow them to move their minds and bodies in ways that are familiar and helpful as they worship with us. 

Coming Soon! Fall 2023

  • Praise & Play area // This will be a space outside the Sanctuary that has a comfortable seat for a caregiver and some space for toddlers & babies to wiggle and move if they need a break from the main Sanctuary. 
  • Reading Guide & Devotions // As we continue to expand our library we're also hoping to add in some reading guides and short family devotions that go with the books to help your family practice faith conversations at home!

Let's connect! 

Do you want to learn more about Kid & Family ministry at St. Stephanus? Have questions about resources, or want to chat more about anything you see here? My name is Megan Hoffman, I'm the Youth & Family Director here at St. Stephanus and I'd love to connect with you! You can email me at