Electronic Giving Instructions

Peace to you. 

Many of you wish to keep your offerings current even though we are not gathering for worship. You may do so by signing up for auto-giving (one time, weekly, or monthly). The instructions are below.

1. We utilize Vanco for our electronic giving partner. The first think you will need to do is create a profile on their website, you can do that here.

  • Please note you will need information like your bank routing number and account number (Both may be found at the bottom of your check. Routing numbers can usually be found on your bank’s website as well.)

2. After your account is created you will be able to put the dollar amount into the box or boxes (e.g. General Operating) you wish to give to.

3. Select the frequency under Donation Frequency (one time, weekly, monthly).

4. Put a date you wish it to be withdrawn if one time, or a date you will begin if recurring. Click continue.

5. Choose which account you want in the drop down (even if you have only one, it still requires this step).

6. Click the box for “I’m not a robot.”

7. Review your donation on the right to ensure accuracy.

8. Click Process. Then Log off.