Shop with Scrip | Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering FAQs

Can I order Scrip for a business not listed on the order form? A complete list of Scrip retailers are available through All special orders need to be paid in advance before the order will be placed. Whenever possible, orders are placed on Monday evening and ready for pick-up on Sunday. Please plan accordingly for orders to be processed and shipped. 

It's the weekend and I forgot to buy Scrip, is there anyway I can buy Scrip to use now? ShopWithScrip is an online ordering program for Scrip. Once you have created an account and set up the PrestoPay feature you are able to purchase ScripNow e-cards and reload empty cards from many national retailers and have the funds available to you within a matter of minutes. E-cards are sent to your email and can be printed off and taken with you to make your purchases. Check out the "Online Ordering" section for more information on how to set up your ShopWithScrip account. 

How can ShopWithScrip benefit me when I travel? ShopWithScrip offers you the convenience of purchasing ScripNow e-cards and Reloadable cards as you go. You can log on to your account from any computer and place your order for many national retailers. If you have a smartphone, you are also able to download the "My Scrip Wallet" app and have the ability to purchase ScripNow and Reloadable cards right at your fingertips. Check out the "Online Ordering" section for more information. 

Payment FAQs

Can I use my credit card to pay for Scrip? We only accept cash or check payments for Scrip purchases made by order form. You are able to set up the PrestoPay feature on your ShopWithScrip account and have your Scrip purchases electronically debited from your checking account. ShopWithScrip orders can be placed at anytime and you are contacted when your order is ready to pick. You are able to place orders for all the retailers listed on the Scrip order form as well as place special orders from other national retailers.  

I don't get paid until Friday, can I purchase Scrip and post-date my check? We allow you to post-date a check to the Friday of the current week. If you wish to do this, please circle the date on your check. 

Online Ordering

ShopWithScrip offers Scrip customers the convenience of purchasing Scrip online and having payment directly debited from your checking account using the PrestoPay feature. Once your account is set up you will be able to order from any of the retails and have cards sent to us for delivery - you also have the ability to purchase ScripNow e-cards and reloadable cards that you can purchase anytime and have the funds available to you within an hour, if not minutes, of your purchase. Your purchases will continue to be tracked at SSLC and your Scrip rebates will be credited to your current Scrip account. The document below gives you step-by-step instructions on how you can get started with ShopWithScrip and PrestoPay. Go to to get started!

Click here for how to get Started with ShopwithScrip! (You will need to email Megan at to get our organization's enrollment code before beginning). 

My Scrip Wallet

You still have the option of paying for Scrip using cash or check, but in certain situations it is better to use the PrestoPay feature. Once you're finished with the process of creating a ShopWithScrip account and activating the PrestoPay feature, you are able to download the "My Scrip Wallet" app at to use on your smartphone. This allows you to have Scrip right at your fingertips while you shop and eat! Check out the video below to learn how to get started with PrestoPay!