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5.5.20 | Let's Connect!

4.28.20 | Let's Connect!

Some fun games we've enjoyed over video calls include:

  • Battleship
  • Yahtzee
  • Farkle
  • Charades
  • 20 questions
  • I spy
  • And complete the story! (You just go back and forth telling a story, one sentence at a time, making it up as you go)!

4.27.20 | Music Monday

Today for Music Monday we're sharing two albums with you. 

The first is great for families with younger kids. 


The second is for those wanting a bit calmer start to the week: 

4.24.20 | Prayer

Today's prayer time wraps up our Earth Week conversations.

One note about today's prayer: It does include an opportunity for confessional prayer, as we apologize for where we have failed. This might be new for your family, and feel awkward. But teaching confessional prayer is a huge part of faith development. Students learn by example, and this is a great way to encourage them in confessing and seeking forgiveness, as well as modeling that it doesn't only have to happen as part of a worship service, but instead through daily relationship with God.

4.23.20 | Get Outside

Earth week continues! Today we're looking at the days of creation, and it looks like a beautiful day to get outside!

4.22.20 | Faith Conversation - EARTH DAY

Happy Earth Day friends!
Today's Faith at Home Moment gives you a chance to talk about care of creation with your kiddos, and decide what you can do to help our planet!